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Hi, I am John Smith, I am working as a technical manager at the email support. Are you seeking the perfect way for AOL email settings to access your AOL Mail? Well, we are a team of experts and professionals who can help you access your email quickly. But why email settings are required? Whenever your email client, such as AOL, sends an email to the server or receives an email from the email servers, it requires SMTP and IMAP or POP respectively. To proceed with AOL email settings, you will need to fill the SMTP and IMAP/POP3 server address, username, password, SMTP & IMAP port number and SSL or TLS authentication. However, novice users could find these settings a bit difficult for the first time, but anybody can learn it after taking the expert’s help. If you also want to execute the AOL mail settings, then you can reach out to us through call or email.


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